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OverWatchUSA’s Local Hundreds

An Introduction to The Virtue Solution and the idea of locally-based and community-driven “Hundreds.”

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The times we live in are unprecedented in our lifetimes, and nothing but a clear understanding of both the Word of God and the history of mankind in the world can properly prepare and equip us as committed Christians to respond and act within the circumstances we find ourselves. The unique circumstances call for unique measures, and no simplistic political, martial, or organizational response will be adequate to the times.

OverWatchUSA has undertaken to boldly and courageously assume a posture of addressing the America we find ourselves in today in a way that brings glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and Our Glorious God, and at the same time implement a community-focused solution based on His Holy Word, and the lessons of history.

The Utter Failure of Political Solutions

We are cognizant of the fact that political solutions, divorced as they have been from individual and community virtue, have failed utterly to move us even one step closer to our stated mission, namely to “reawaken, restore, and defend our Judeo-Christian Foundations and the Liberties afforded by our Constitutional Republic.”

Conceived by Thomas Jefferson, developed by SC State Representative R. Josiah Magnuson, and fleshed out by OverWatchUSA leadership, The Virtue Solution, combined with OverWatchUSA Hundreds (local chapters), seeks to literally rebuild the broken-down foundations that under-girded the work of America’s brilliant and virtuous founders, one neighborhood, one town, one county, and one state at a time.

Mankind is not, in any ordinary understanding of the term,”good.” This inherent lack of goodness in the heart of man, any man, is known in the Bible as original Sin, and is the very thing that leads to every ill that exists in this fallen world. Politics relies on men to be “good” and altruistic, something that, on their own, they are altogether unable to be.

Rather, as the adage puts it, the following is universally true: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Foundations Must Be Rebuilt

Only if the community foundations are rebuilt on the solid bedrock of The Gospel, and the foundation of personal virtue based on personal relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ, can we hope to see a return to the exceptionalism that characterized our Constitutional Republic in earlier years.

No, America was never a perfect nation, but when her moorings were firmly planted in the God of the Universe, and his precepts, she was far better than she is today, and she was steadily growing. America has been responsible for more personal liberty, more and better opportunities for the greatest number of people, and better health and nutrition worldwide, than any other nation in history. we can return to that path, and become even better than we were.

But to see these enormous blessings, we must be willing to “start small” at the local level, and we must be patient, prayerful, and diligent. We must put our hands to the plow and not turn back. And we must endeavor to leave NO ONE behind.

Summary: Starting an OUSA Hundred Chapter in Your Town

Virtue Comprehensive Plan

What Exactly IS a ‘Local Hundred?’

OverWatchUSA Local Hundred: OverWatchUSA calls our local chapters, ‘Hundreds’, based on a plan laid down by Thomas Jefferson. The OverWatchUSA Hundred is the axis where the entire plan comes together. In building these local hundreds, we aim to build Patriot Christian Communities, engaged at every level of their local community, and standing guard over Liberty. A united voice and vision for the local area, and a defense and response against tyranny.

The OUSA Local Hundred will be the place of meeting, where concerns are addressed, plans are made, and action is taken. A place where local politics and local leadership can be improved, encouraged, or countered. Where the education of our children and others can be fostered. A local think tank where the ideals of liberty are cared for, nurtured and grown. And a place of defense, preparedness and refuge for our families, churches and communities.

The Local Hundred is where local rallies, events, and countering local tyranny can be fostered. No longer does one have to confront the ‘Local Karen” by oneself, but shoulder to shoulder with like-minded patriots. Where a town council sees strength in numbers with a loud voice, and where liberty minded politicians can get a jump start.

A Local Hundred is where Christian Ministry and community service can be fostered. Where we can take a stand against Abortion, against the indoctrination of our children and against the tearing down of our History.

Basic Structure and Membership

Setting up the OUSA Local Hundred is easy. It can be led by as few as 2 people, and started by as few as one passionate person!

Director of the Local Hundred: The key leader and point of contact, is the Director of the Local Hundred. For example, the Director of the Greenville Hundred. This key leader is responsible for setting the vision and direction for their local community, guiding meetings providing some oversight for events and activities within a Hundred.

Directors of Local Hundreds can be chosen two different ways. They can be elected by the membership of the Local Hundred. Or they can be the Founder of the Local Hundred.

Each Hundred can set up how long a Director of a Hundred serves, if they are elected every year, or every 2-4 years, or indefinite until they step down.

The Director of the Local Hundred reports to his/her Area Director for OverWatchUSA, as well as State and National OUSA leadership.

Captain of Defense: The Officer in charge of the local OverWatch Service Force (OSF) Defense company. His job is to set up the local defense and service establishment, called a company, of the Local Hundred. He leads the local defense company, and is responsible for it’s training, conduct, and readiness.

The Captain is either selected by the leadership of his Local Hundred or voted in by its membership if the position is vacant. In an established Hundred, a Lieutenant may be promoted to Captain to take his place. His position beyond that is not elected every period, he stays at his position until promoted or demoted within OSF.

The Captain reports to his local Hundred and coordinates with and reports to other local OUSA Defense groups and state and national OUSA Defense.

Other Local Leadership can include and is not limited to an Assistant Local Hundred Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Chaplin, Education Leader, Civics Leader, Life Coordinator, and additional officers and non-commissioned officers under the defense OSF establishment.

Beyond this basic organization, each Hundred can tailor their group to what works for them. OUSA requires each group to have a Director for their Hundred, and a Captain of defense be appointed and a defense OSF company be raised. OverWatchUSA has materials on how to raise and structure a OSF defense company.

This material can also be downloaded at the link below:

Download Start an OUSA Hundred


Membership: There is no official list of OUSA membership, any membership will be handled at the local Hundreds level. If that local hundred wants to have membership cards and rolls, have at it. OUSA on a national level will not do that.

Members of the local hundred can be a member at large and have their hand in many different activities, or dedicated to one of the five battlegrounds (Biblical Focus, Civics, Education and Life especially). Members in the Defense company will be members of the OSF (OverWatchUSA Service Force) and will have a different level of commitment and organization as determined by the local defense establishment.

Dues are determined by the Local Hundred. But must be reasonable and affordable for the membership, and in economically hard times may need to be done away with completely. Dues are due annually and may not exceed more than $40 per family, and $30 per individual not in a family.

OUSA will require each hundred pay dues of $100 to the national OverWatchUSA to support the overall state and national organization.

Forming Your Local Hundred in 7 Easy Steps:

FIRST, download the OverWatch USA Partnership Agreement below…

Download Partner Agreement

OverWatchUSA has meeting outlines available for the first four meetings of the Local Hundred.

Step One: Start by identifying like-minded friends and acquaintances. People you know and trust! Then meet and show them just what OverWatchUSA is and what we are doing. If possible, form your initial leadership team. If not, don’t worry about it just yet.

Step Two: Identify a place for your first meeting, a church, a patriot owned business, or a large home. Invite like minded folks to your first meeting and get it on the calendar within a week or so.

Step Three: Have your first meeting! Present to them the OverWatchUSA Hundreds concept (we have presentation videos, materials and even a condensed presentation if you need it). If you need help, contact OverWatchUSA and request someone come out and present the concept. We are here to help!

Step Four: Identify one or more ‘micro-hubs’ to meet at weekly or bi-weekly. This can be a Patriot owned coffee shop, restaurant, business, or church, perhaps even a larger home. If you local hundred is large with many members, you don’t all have to meet at the same location. In fact, you can meet at a few.

Step Five: Hold meeting number two: This meeting is to discuss the Five Battlegrounds of OUSA and give folks an idea of where they could fit in. It is a great idea at this point to select Hundred leadership if you haven’t already.

Step Six: Meeting number three. Finding Microhubs and building a business alliance. Hopefully you have already found a place to meet by this point, this meeting is all about finding allied businesses and places that will support the work of OUSA and the local hundred.

Step Seven: Community Deployment. Your fourth meeting will be discussing just how your local hundred will be ‘deployed’, that is, how you will begin to go about preserving liberty, and building a community on a local level.

After these Seven steps are complete, your local Hundred will be considered fully established and ready to go in OUSA!


Ongoing Support: OverWatchUSA is committed to supporting the local structure and Hundreds. Each State in OUSA has a State Director, and each state is divided into 2 or more geographic areas. These State and Area Staff members are there to provide support and help your Hundred thrive.

Local OSF defense units will work with other OSF defense groups across their counties and states and can come together to handle larger emergencies and disasters. OUSA is committed to building simple but effective structure to support defense units and provide some basic command structure for larger situations.

The National OUSA will be responsible for overseeing staff, providing a level of accountability, updating curriculum and materials, and providing oversight during a crisis. OUSA is led by A President and Vice President, and a Board of Directors.

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