Your gift will help us fight the battle on four fronts:

  • Spiritual
  • Educational
  • Political
  • Defensive

Committing together to:

  • Recall or impeach ALL politicians that have failed or are failing to stand up for our constitutional liberties, and replace them with leaders who will do so.
  • Relentlessly call out all those who are trying to divide Americans by race, class, or faith.
  • Steadfastly resist all who are working to cancel our American Judeo-Christian culture.
  • Fearlessly stand in defense of our homes, our families, our churches, our neighbors, and our communities against all forms of lawless aggression.
  • Faithfully represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as members of His body, fulfilling our calling to be both salt and light to a blind, wicked, and perverse generation.
  • By the grace of God, we commit together to do all of these things and, like the Founding Fathers, we pledge our lives, our homes, and our sacred honor.

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How You Can Help

We have set an initial “Building Our Foundation” goal of $10,000. Will you help us reach it by donating below?

Building Our Foundation Campaign

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Donor Testimonials

We feel so blessed to be involved with Christian patriots who mean to put action to their beliefs. Knowing full well that action isn’t free, as is not our freedom, we are glad to contribute, not only with our involvement, but financially.
Lisa T.

I have been waiting for an opportunity and felt I had to do something, anything, to help return America to her founding principles. Giving to OverWatchUSA seemed like just the right fit, so I am giving with pride and a lot of hope for the future.
Marcus J.

I want to do more, but right now this is what I can do. Thank you for inviting me to participate, and giving me a chance to be a part. I hope we grow until they just can’t ignore us. Let me know when there will be a rally in my area. Thanks!
Jim R.