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Our Education Battleground

The battleground is Education. For several generations, it has been possible, and even likely, for a young person to graduate high school, and then college, having never once heard an accurate presentation of… the American story; American Exceptionalism; the history of our founding; the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the documents they wrote; the importance of Liberty.

OverWatchUSA seeks to properly educate Americans of all ages on History through a true view, pushing back against Revisionist History. To teach the populace on our foundational documents and liberties constitutionally guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to support and facilitate the proper education of our children.


Why is it Important to Engage in the Education Battleground?

  • “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” – Abraham Lincoln
  • In order to change or overthrow a country you can either use military force to overcome the country or you can indoctrinate the children against the foundations and civic values perpetuated by their parents, grandparents and the founders. You then empower these students to envision and pursue a new set of civic values based on new foundational theories, i.e. Humanism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism.
  • Education is the right and responsibility of parents and yet parents have little say in what their children are being taught. Most parents are Christians or at least believe in God, but children are being taught there is no God and that they are a product of evolution.
  • While disciplines like math, reading, critical thinking and history are continually declining, social engineering on subjects like sexual preference, gender identification, global citizenship and anti-American revisionist history are advanced with passion.

What Are Some of the Battlefronts in Education

South Carolina Secondary Education

Currently in South Carolina secondary schools, we are pursuing the compliance with South Carolina law that mandates the teaching of America’s founding documents; the Federalist Letters, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Only three of our thirteen colleges and universities are compliant. The other ten refuse to comply.

We are working with the Senate Education Committee with has amended the 92-year-old law to make it address some of the complaints of non-compliant schools. (S-35) It is currently hung up in the House Education Committee. The House committee is a majority Republican committee (12-8). We hope to get the bill out of committee and on to the floor.

Regardless of the passage of the amended bill, ten universities and colleges are not in compliance to current law. We are attempting to put teeth to the law by establishing penalties of non-compliance.

Public Schools

There are two pressing issues in public schools.

  1. The censorship of Intelligent Design from the science classroom. Evolution is the genesis theory of Humanism, a religious belief that denies the existence of any supernatural. We call for the reinstatement of Intelligent Design as an alternative view of human genesis.
  2. The advancement of godless, immoral sexual subject matter and behavior. With the use of the “Gender Unicorn” and other books and teaching on sexual matter that contradicts the values held by most parents, schools are over stepping their assignments to instruct children to become proficient in math, reading, critical thinking, fiscal management and other vital life skills. We are calling for the removal of so-called sex education and the use of Planned Parenthood curriculum and services.

How Can I Be Involved?

  • Become a part of OverWatch USA. Join the thousands of patriots who are actively involved in restoring and protecting our American foundations and Judeo-Christian culture. Join or start an OverWatchUSA Hundred to be a source of light and salt in your area.
  • Attend school board meetings and participate in the educational system where you live. Be a positive ally of the parents and be respectful of the board members. Inform the public of what is taking place.
  • Run for School Board. The local school board is a very influential political office. Many school boards are under a false impression that they are at the mercy of the state or federal systems. They serve at the pleasure of the parents and grandparents of the children under their care. Most school boards need parental representatives, not political operatives.
  • Write letters to the editor in your local paper. Lobby your state and local representatives with letters and phone calls. Speak up for the next generation.

How Can OverWatchUSA Help?

  • We are available to assist you in starting a OverWatchUSA Hundred Chapter.
  • We are available for consultation and information.
  • We are available to provide speakers for events, churches and special programs.
  • We give credibility and power to your voice through our nationwide network of support and influence.
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