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Who is OverWatchUSA?

OverWatchUSA is an organization for Liberty-Minded Christians. People who value the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and who want to see America get back on the path of true Liberty, based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and a Biblical Worldview.

We support and back true Constitutional politicians and will work hard to elect them to Washington, to our Statehouses, and elected to local offices. While at the same time working to change the political landscape for the sake of Liberty at the Grassroots level.

We also want to see education returned to a focus on critical thinking, reasoning, debate, rhetoric, true history, and the Three R’s (Reading Writing, and Arithmetic). We Desire to Educate the Indoctrinated.

OverWatchUSA partners with small businesses who value liberty and are willing to host meetings, partner with and support the work of OUSA. In return OUSA will promote and partner with these local businesses and spread the word to the Liberty Minded.

OverWatchUSA defends the Sanctity of Life! Starting with life in the womb, and the Abolition of Abortion and Human Trafficking.

Finally, OUSA includes an armed Defense and Disaster Relief component, The OverWatchUSA Service Branch, with the understanding that we will never be the aggressors, but will, when called upon, serve, protect and defend our communities, our homes, our families, and our American liberties, to the last man if necessary.

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